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I am delighted to recommend the enclosed guide to Helicobacter Pylori in Developing Countries. The guide has been compiled by several world experts in the field with many years of practical clinical experience behind them.
Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize Winner 2005

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Review Team

  • Richard H. Hunt (Chair, Canada)
  • Shu-Dong Xiao (China)
  • Francis Megraud (France)
  • Raúl León-Barúa (Peru)
  • Franco Bazzoli (Italy)
  • Schalk van der Merwe (South Africa)
  • Luiz Gonzaga Vaz Coelho (Brazil)
  • Kwong-Ming Fock (Singapore)
  • Suliman S. Fedail (Sudan)
  • Henry Cohen (Uruguay)
  • Peter Malfertheiner (Germany)
  • Namish Vakil (USA)
  • Saeed S. Hamid (Pakistan)
  • K.L. Goh (Malaysia)
  • Benjamin Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Justus H. Krabshuis (France)


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